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A. G. Russell One Hand Knife K87C-17

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Made in Italy with N690CO Blade Steel

In 2008, twenty years after it  was first introduced, we re-introduced the A.G. Russell One Hand Knife™, our single best selling model after the A. G. Russell Sting™, with blades of CPM-154 at 59-61 Rc. and ZDP-189 at 64-66 Rc. These were made in the U.S.A. and were just as popular as the original made all through the 1990s.  Unfortunately, the knives are so difficult to make that we are unable to produce more in the U.S.

We have worked with one of the top manufacturers in Maniago, Italy for a couple of years to produce this knife again. After a great deal of effort to find the best manufacturing processes for this particular knife, they have developed a production routine that produces a well made knife with only a small percentage of rejects.

The first to be offered is a variation of the original version that we introduced in 1987 with a solid stainless steel handle and no handle scales. The blade steel in the new knife is Bohler N690 stainless at 58-60 Rc. The handle, which is machined from a solid piece of stainless spring steel, works in conjunction with the blade to create an unusual locking system. This locking system, and the location of a thumb stud on both sides of the blade, allows the knife to be closed or opened one handed using either the right or left hand. That's why we call it the One Hand Knife™. While the knife measures only 3-7⁄8" closed, there is a full 3-1⁄8" of blade from the front of the handle to the tip of the blade and it measures nearly 7⁄8" wide at the kick - as much blade as we could possibly put into this size handle. Weighs approximately 2.5 oz.  Made in Maniago, Italy.

  • Type
  • Blade
    Drop Point
  • Blade Length
  • Blade Steel
  • Rockwell
  • Lock
    One Hand
  • Handle
  • Closed Length
  • Weight
    2.5 oz.
  • Origin

A.G. Russell Knives

From the age of nine I made homemade knives until I was about twenty-four when I began to make handmade knives, crude but no longer made at home. A few years later, I had met and learned from makers like R.W. Loveless and R. L. Dozier. I made knives until the mid 1970s. I don’t make handmade knives anymore, as my hands aren’t what they used to be. However, I do have very talented makers in the United States and Japan who make knives that I am proud to put my name on. I design pocketknives, one hand knives, lockbacks, and fixed blade knives and have them made to our standards. ~A.G. Russell III

A.G. Russell has been in the knives and whetstones business for over 50 years. A.G. Russell knives are well known for their quality. A.G. Russell knives tend to be more traditional in style and look, with modern advances in material and design to create excellent knives.

I've had this Italian-made one hand knife (stag scales) over a year, and it is, very simply, a spectacular knife, I have an original 1980s one-hand knife and I always wished for scales. When this one appeared with stag scales, I went for it. Fit and finish are superb. The blade steel is excellent. It takes an excellent edge with quite reasonable effort on a good sharpener, and holds it for quite a while. This is just a great knife.
Changes: very little, but one small-thing. when closed, the pointed corners at the very end of the spring would benefit from being slightly more rounded. I realize that when open these 'points' make it more flush with the blade, so conflicted on this. no big deal.
Rating: 10/10
Lawrence W. Houston, TX
A.G. Russell One-Hand Knife It's Not Ivory (K87C-17NI) - This knife is a marvel of design simplicity that is beautifully made. It only has two moving parts, the blade and the handle with its integral lock mechanism. The only way to make this knife stronger and with fewer parts would be to make it a fixed blade knife. I will spend many hours enjoying the artistry of this knife, its design and its workmanship. It is absolutely elegant with the pure white It’s Not Ivory handle scales.
Changes: The handle scales are flat. I would prefer them to be oval in cross section.
Rating: 10/10

Robert D. Milford, CT
$ 165.00