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Bob Dozier Model T1 Tactical

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Since Bob built his own shop in St. Paul, Arkansas, his personal focus has been primarily on folders and narrow tang hunting knives. It took him quite a bit of time to get his shop completed and there was a spell when we were unable to get knives for our customers that he made personally (the Arkansas Made Dozier has continued to be available as usual). Bob now has his shop completed and has approached us to make knives again that we can sell. Goldie has convinced him that Narrow Tang Fighters are what our customers are looking for.

Starting with the T1, we worked together to develop a series of tactical knives. These knives are built utilizing the narrow tang construction that we use on the Morseth® knives and that Randall uses on most of their knives. While the tang is narrow and not a full tang, it is a robust 1/2" wide providing tremendous strength. The first in this series has a 6-1/8" long clip point blade of D2 with the heat treat that the Dozier knives have become known for. The Rockwell hardness is 60-61 Rc. It was Bob who established the popularity of D2 because of the performance he is able to achieve with his control of the heat treat. He has established a trademark for this heat treat - Diamond D2 designated by a diamond surrounding D2.

To the stacked leather handle Bob has added a green Micarta® pommel and brass and red fiber spacers. A tang nut, which protrudes from the butt of the handle, adds to the strength of the handle and provides a hole through which you can lace a nylon cord lanyard. This is WWII styling with a larger handle for today's larger hands and the best of modern materials and heat-treat. The overall length is 10-7/8" and the knife weighs 9.1 oz. The T1 includes a brown leather sheath that Bob makes himself. The quality of his leather sheaths is the best you will find.

If a Dozier knife is not in stock when you order, delivery typically takes 3 to 4 months.

  • Type
  • Blade
    Clip Point
  • Blade Length
  • Blade Steel
  • Rockwell
  • Hilt Guard
  • Handle
  • Overall Length
  • Weight
    9.1 oz.
  • Sheath
  • Origin

Bob Dozier Knives

These knives are made directly by Bob Dozier himself in his shop in St. Paul, Arkansas. 

$ 795.00

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