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Bobby Toole Knives Trapper Buckeye Burl

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This is a single blade Trapper pattern folder. It has a 3" clip point blade of CPM-154 steel. Comes with California buckeye burl. Closed length 3-5/8". This traditional pocketknife is handmade, with quality fit & finish including a hand-rubbed blade finish. The blade has a half-stop before closing. Bolsters are 416 Stainless steel. Comes with a black leather zippered pouch. Made in the USA.

  • Type
  • Blade
    Clip Point
  • Blade Length
  • Finish
    Hand Rubbed
  • Blade Steel
  • Rockwell
  • Lock
    Slip Joint
  • Bolsters
  • Liners
  • Handle
    California Buckeye Burl
  • Closed Length
  • Sheath
    Leather Pouch
  • Origin

Bobby Toole Knives

These knives by Bobby Toole are individual handmade knives. We only have one or two of each on hand. Once these are sold they are gone.

Written by A.G. Russell III in 2016:
At the last handmade knife show in Little Rock, I found a “new” maker of remarkable talent. He told me that he had been making knives for twenty years. I believe he told me that he began making traditional folders five years ago. I am getting old, makers of such ability and talent can show up from nowhere, or so it seems. In reality, they may have been active knife makers but have been “hidden” from me for years. This could not have happened 15 years ago. I knew almost everybody making handmade knives. At any rate, I met this man with a table full of traditional pocketknives of remarkable quality. His name is Bobby L. Toole. He tells me that every knife is hand made by him and that he does every bit of work on each knife, including the band sawing of every metal part and his own heat-treating. He has been a guild member since 1999.

I was so impressed that I bought seventeen knives from him that day because I believe that my customers will be as appreciative of the style and workmanship as I am. I suggest that this is an opportunity to buy great work before it is widely known and the prices rise to match the quality. I predict that his work will soon appear in one of the knife magazines and when it does his prices will rise quickly. 

Those seventeen knives sold quickly and we placed another order from Mr. Toole. There were a few delays in their making, and when they arrived the knives were placed in the wrong inventory and were lost for a few years. Goldie just found them recently. 

$ 475.00