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Browning Ceramic Speed Load Folder

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Item #: BRW-117


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Browning® has added to their Speed Load line a folder with replaceable Ceramic blades. Because they are ceramic, they will need to be replaced less often than if they were steel. Ceramic blades will break if you try to do any kind of prying or if you drop the knife on a hard surface with the blade open, but the longevity of the edge far surpasses any inconvenience with breakage. Just make sure you always have a replacement blade (available from Browning through A. G. Russell – item # BRW-117V).

According to designer Russ Kommer, he field dressed four deer and a black bear with one of the blades. Browning's Speed Load knives feature a quick-change blade design, so you always have a sharp edge ready to go.

Ships with three blades, perfect for field dressing, cleaning or skinning, that can be substituted in a snap. The three interchangeable ceramic blades consist of a 3" drop point blade, a 3" guthook blade, and a 2-7⁄8" caping blade. The handle is muted Camo-patterned, injection molded plastic with black rubberized grips. Has a single position, tip down pocket clip and a liner-style lock. Comes with a black nylon sheath with a hard plastic storage insert for the extra blades. Measures 4-1⁄4" closed and weighs 2.9 oz. Made in China. Suggested Retail is $39.99.



Browning Ceramic Speed Load Folder

Item #: BRW-117 $31.95
In Stock


Speed Load Replacement Blades

Replacement blades for BRW-117. Drop Point, Guthook, and Caper.

Item #: BRW-117V $11.95
In Stock


Browning Ceramic Speed Load Folder

  • Type
  • Blade
    Drop Point - Guthook - Caper
  • Blade Length
    3" - 3" - 2-7/8"
  • Blade Steel


Browning is the firearms manufacturer many customers know and love, but what many people didn’t know is that Browning has over half a century of knife making expertise. Browning has built a partnership with famed custom knife maker/designer Russ Kommer. Through this partnership Browning knives have reached a new level in quality and functionality.

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