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Buck 101 Hunter Updated

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Buck's® Model 101 is based on the Buck 110 Folding Hunter®. The 110 is a classic any way you look at it. It is the knife that built Buck as a company and has been produced continuously since it was introduced in 1964. In 2017, Buck created a fixed blade version, the 101 Hunter, from the iconic 110 folder.

Buck Knives just partnered with Taylor Guitars, one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium acoustic guitars, in their use of sustainable genuine Ebony wood for handle scales on key heritage products, the 110 Folding Hunter®, the 112 Ranger®, and the 101 Hunter.

Ebony wood was originally introduced on the 110 and 112 models in the 1960's, but in the 1990's, federal regulations on endangered woods led Buck to utilize resin treated woods. Because of the availability of ebony harvested under Taylor's thriving conservation project, Buck will again use ebony, a natural material with beautiful grain patterns for handle scales on these three models.

The 3-3/4" clip point style blade is 420HC stainless at 58-60 Rc. The bolsters are brass. Measures 8-1⁄2" overall. Weighs 4.9 oz. Ships with a black leather sheath. Made in the USA. Suggested retail is $100.00.

  • Type
  • Blade
    Clip Point
  • Blade Length
  • Blade Steel
  • Rockwell
  • Bolsters
  • Handle
  • Tang
  • Overall Length
  • Weight
    4.9 oz.
  • Sheath
  • Origin

Buck Knives

Buck Knives has been around for a very long time. In fact, Buck Knives was just switching from handmade knives out of a Southern California Garage to factory made knives about the same time we began the A.G. Russell ™ Knife mail order business. Over the past half century buck has become one of the largest and most important knife companies in the world. They are so well known, in some parts of the country pocketknives are referred to as “Buck Knives.”

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