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Ceramic Knife Set with Display

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Chef, Santoku, Utility and Parer

Manufactured from the highest quality stabilized zirconium oxide material available in the world (second only to diamonds in hardness), each blade is meticulously edged to provide years of regular service without the need of sharpening. Ceramic blades can be fairly easily broken if dropped or mistreated, but the cutting edge will last many times longer than that on any steel blade, if the edge is not abused. A sharpening service is available for a nominal fee when re-sharpening is finally needed (contact information is included).

Contoured, ergonomic comfort grip rubberized handle and the overall knife weight reduces hand fatigue during long cutting tasks and the non-stick blade with an antibacterial surface makes cleanup easy. Rust free and non-corrosive. The Chef's knife has a 7" blade with a 5-1/2" handle, the Santoku a 6" blade with a 5-1/2" handle, the Utility knife a 4-7/8" blade with a 4-3/4" handle and the paring knife a 2-7/8" blade with a 4-1/8" handle. The clear acrylic display presents the knives in a fanned arrangement that looks great on your kitchen counter and keeps the knives within easy reach. Care instructions are included.

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Stone River Gear

Stone River Ceramic knives are made from the highest quality stabilized Zirconium Oxide material available in the world, and they have been on the leading edge of ceramic knives for years now. You cannot wish for a lighter blade than a ceramic one.

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