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D.E. Henry Inspired Bowie with African Wild Olive

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A. G. Russell Shopmade™ Limited to 15 Pieces

In the 1960s D. E. (Ed) Henry was making English-style Bowie knives that were so wonderfully made that he could and did get $300 for them. Ed was a very complex person and hard to maintain a relationship with. He put a lot of people off, but no one could argue with the exceptionalness of his knives. The workmanship was so precise the knives looked as if they had been made by a machine controlled by a computer, which did not then exist, instead of by a man's hands.

Our Henry Inspired Bowie has a 10" blade of 154CM hardened to 59-61 Rc. D.E. made longer blades but he also made shorter ones. This blade measures 1-15⁄16" wide (at it's widest point) and a quarter of an inch thick. The stainless steel guard is as closely fitted as the ones on Ed's knives. You cannot tell where the blade ends and the guard begins. We have made only 15 with African Wild Olive. We have another 15 blades to which we will add a different handle material and there will be no more. We have found it too difficult to grind this large blade in a semi-production situation. The 5-1⁄8" handle has carefully book matched scales of Wild Olive from South Africa. Measures 15-1⁄8" from from tip to butt. Weighs 1 lb 1 oz. in the sheath. The knife and sheath are 100% American made. Knife is produced in our shop in Rogers, Arkansas. Brown leather sheath is handmade in Southern Missouri.

  • Type
  • Blade
  • Blade Length
  • Blade Steel
  • Rockwell
  • Hilt Guard
  • Handle
    African Wild Olive
  • Tang
  • Overall Length
  • Weight
    10.6 oz. /1 lb. 1 oz. in sheath
  • Sheath
  • Origin

A.G. Russell Shopmade

Our Shopmade® program makes maximum use of our assets. Our knowledge of who can do the best job of waterjet cutting, heat treat, wire electro-discharge machining, and rough grind all allows the greatest productivity from our rarest asset, the time of our expert knifemaker(s). When our shop has done the finish blade grind by hand, put the handles in place, shaped them and sharpened the blade and the knife has gone through our quality control, then we can be sure that you have the very best knife we can provide you for the money you are spending with us.

$ 995.00