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Dozier 1942 Commando

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Soon after WWII began a customer of America's best known maker of handmade knives placed an order for a massive combat knife. At his request, it was modeled after a Turkish Simatar, with a blade measuring 10" in length, 1-1/2" wide and a full 3/16" thick. The 5" handle of stacked leather washers had a curved brass guard and a durel butt with a brass loop for a thong. It seems that this might have been a one-of-a-kind. Bob Dozier knows the current owner and had the knife in his shop for weeks. Bob is making a limited quantity replica of this WWII era knife. This is the second in what he plans to be a short series. The first was his 1943 Fighter.

The Dozier 1942 Commando is being made with a blade of A2 high carbon tool steel, hardened to 58-60 Rc. The stacked leather handle, brass guard, butt of 7071 high strength aircraft alloy and brass thong loop add 5-1/2" to make the overall length of the knife 15-1/2". The left hand sheath, as was traditional for the fighting man (his pistol was always on this right hip), is made by Bob himself of top quality leather with a molded stone pouch (Arkansas stone included). The knife weighs 15.4 oz. and the sheath weighs 8 oz. Knife and sheath are both handmade in Northwest Arkansas.

The quantity made will be limited by what Bob can make in a given period of time. If a Dozier knife is not in stock when you order, delivery typically takes 3 to 4 months.

  • Type
  • Blade
  • Blade Length
  • Blade Steel
  • Rockwell
  • Hilt Guard
  • Butt Cap
  • Handle
    Stacked Leather
  • Overall Length
  • Weight
    15.4 oz.
  • Sheath
    Leather w/stone pouch
  • Origin

Bob Dozier Knives

These knives are made directly by Bob Dozier himself in his shop in St. Paul, Arkansas. 

$ 995.00

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