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Gerber Exchange-A-Blade Replacement - Coarse Blade Refill Only

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Gerber's push-button lock Sport Saw is a winner. The Big Game Hunter, the Camper, and the Gardner will all find this a really useful tool. This saw leaves a cut surface like a fine cabinet maker's handsaw. It can can handle the bones in a moose or a deer, cut firewood as fast as a good axe, and for trimming 3-4 inch limbs around the house you cannot find a better hand powered saw. The secret is in the teeth.

When Gerber brought this saw by, we took it out into a little grove of saplings, Goldie wanted to see if the saw really would do all the things he was telling us it would do. We have pin oak trees growing in our front yard and it seems that lower limbs are constantly needing to be removed to keep them off our driveway. Each spring and fall she has me out there helping her remove those limbs. With most saws you find your arms and shoulders worn out long before that 3 inch limb is cut through. Not with this saw! Goldie was able to cut through a four inch tree with little effort and has bought one for herself.

Weighing only 6 oz., it is easy to carry on your belt. 14-1/2" open and with two replaceable 6-1/4" blades of high carbon stainless. The blade locks open and closed.

  • Type
    Blade Refill
  • Blade
    Coarse Blade

Gerber Knives

Everyone who likes knives knows who Gerber Knives is. They started out with high quality kitchen knives and moved into sporting knives, and now they are one of the major players in that field. They make several good survival knives, and at very reasonable prices these knives can make excellent starter knives that won’t overly upset you if they are lost.

$ 4.95