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Jalapeno Griller

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Item #: JG-24CPH


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Let your imagination run wild and create your own stuffed jalapeno pepper recipes or try one of the eight included with each griller. Made of high carbon steel. Treat it as you would a cast iron skillet. Works on the grill or in the oven. Before first use, wash in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. Coat with vegetable oil and season in the oven. Wipe off after each use and re-oil. Built to last a lifetime. Both 12 and 24 count grillers have 1" holes. Use the steel handle to safely remove the griller from heat. Each grill includes a handle, care instructions and eight jalapeno recipes. Made in the heart of Texas.

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Jalapeno Griller 24 count w/ handle

Item #: JG-24CPH $49.95
In Stock

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Jalapeno Griller 12 count w/ handle

Item #: JG-12CPH $39.95
Low Stock, Call for Availability


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