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Kershaw Zero Tolerance Lanyard

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This ZT lanyard is woven from gray and blue colors of paracord and finished with a custom Zero Tolerance logo bead. Fits all ZT knives with the larger lanyard hole. The lanyard can be unwoven to provide two lengths of cord in an emergency.

Measures 6-1/4” in length. Weighs 0.6 oz. Made in the U.S.A. Suggested Retail $20.00.

Zero Tolerance Knives

Zero Tolerance knives has but one motto: We have zero tolerance for anything less than the best. Zero Tolerance knives are made in the U.S.A. and designed for hard use. Often abbreviated ZT knives, these knives have premium steels and tough handle materials. They are typically overbuilt and designed to withstand a lot of abuse. These knives are very popular with military, law enforcement, and first responders such as firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Recently ZT has expanded their line from just tactical knives, to include spring assisted knives, everyday carry folders, and gentlemen's carbon fiber folding knives. Many use ball bearing features and open very smoothly (just be careful if you try to take one apart!). All ZTs are built in Tualatin, Oregon USA. Zero Tolerance is a brand of KAI USA Ltd., who also owns Kershaw Knives.

$ 16.00