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Leatherman Brewzer Bottle Opener

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The Brewzer Bottle Opener is the ideal keychain companion. The multi-purpose flat tip functions as a mini pry bar, flat head screwdriver or a scraper tool. Features a built-in 1/4" hex opening, bottle opener and a keyring hole that doubles as an oxygen wrench. The notch in the tip functions as a box ripper.

Extremely lightweight and compact the Brewester will not weigh down your pocket. TSA compliant. Made from a single piece of heat-treated stainless steel, the tool measures 2-1/2" overall and weighs 0.5 oz.

  • Overall Length
  • Weight
    0.5 oz.


Tim Leatherman started the pocket toolbox revolution that has swept not only the U.S., but Europe and Asia as well. These little multi-tools carry around all kinds of tools, and Leatherman always puts a lot of thought and effort into each of their designs.

Leatherman gives a 25-year guarantee for materials and workmanship. Buy one from us, and it is guaranteed to satisfy you as long as you think it should.

$ 4.95

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