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Maserin Multi Purpose Pry Bar Tools

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Item #: MAS-905DF


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  • Item #: MAS-905DF $31.95
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These multi purpose tools by Maserin are extremely lightweight and useful. Each comes with a variety of gadgets built in. Made from 440 stainless steel that has a stonewashed finish. Made in Italy.

Option A

Maserin® Multi Purpose Tools - Saw

Features a pry bar, nail puller, flat head screwdriver and 1/4" hex driver. Center cutout of the tool stores a phillips head bit. Comes with a black pouch and an extra bit. Overall length 3-1/4" and weighs only 1.5 oz.

Item #: MAS-905DF $31.95

Option B

Maserin® Multi Purpose Tools - Can Opener

Features a mini pry bar, bottle/can opener and 1/4" hex driver. Comes with a black pouch and an extra bit. Overall length 3" and weighs only 0.9 oz.

Item #: MAS-905EF $31.95

Maserin Knives

Maserin was established in 1960. The owners, members of the family who founded it, have built this company on the tradition of the artisan blacksmiths who were the reason Maniago became known as the "city of the knives". Maserin ®, and Maniago in general, has modernized their knife making processes using laser, CNC, and other current technology, while maintaining high quality and building on traditional models, many of which they continue to produce. In Maniago, they are responding to the challenge of market globalization by finding ways to keep new generations interested. They continue to exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit, new marketing strategies, and a constant improvement of production standards.

$ 31.95