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Olamic Cutlery Damascus Hunter

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Item #: OLM-525BBDA


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Limited to 400 pieces.

The word "Olamic" means something that lasts through eternity. The name was chosen to illustrate the goal the owners had, and continue to have, when they created this company. Olamic Cutlery is based in the U.S.A. but the knives are handmade in a small four-person shop in Russia. Each knife is made in three different stages, each by a specialist. Each worker is trained in his respective area: blade forging and shaping, heat-treatment and acid etching, and final assembly and handle-work. Each blade is stamped with its own unique three-digit identification number, which will also be on the certificate of authenticity.

This unique hunter has a 5-7/8" clip point blade of a twist pattern 300-400 layer forged high carbon vanadium Damascus that Olamic calls Storms of Jupiter. Washers of Birch from the Northwestern region of Russia are stacked on the tang then meticulously shaped and finished by hand. The dark wood spacers are African Wenge wood. The guard and pommel are cast bronze. Measures 10-7/8" overall and weighs 7.6 oz. Made in Russia.

  • Type
  • Blade
    Clip Point
  • Blade Length
  • Blade Steel
  • Hilt Guard
  • Butt Cap
  • Handle
    Birch Bark and Wenge Wood
  • Overall Length
  • Weight
    7.6 oz.
  • Sheath
  • Origin

Olamic Cutlery

Olamic Cutlery is a family owned knife company that started in 2010. Their fixed blades are made in Russia in small batches, all made by hand. They use a proprietary mix of high carbon and Vanadium-based Steels. The Steel is called H.C.V.D. and can be found in many patterns. 

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