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Outdoor Edge ParaClaw Knife Bracelet – Thin Blue Line

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Item #: OE-PC80MBL


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Wear this paracord bracelet and no one will ever guess that you are also carrying a tiny but very practical little knife. It will become an essential tool for the adventurer or survivalist. It would also be highly effective in a rescue situation, for personal defense and for simple everyday use whenever a knife is required. The 1-1/2" hawkbill blade is 8Cr12MoV stainless at 57-58 Rc. with a BlackStone™  finish. A glass/nylon guard is molded to the blade and acts as part of the buckle to the bracelet. The other side of the buckle becomes the sheath for the blade. The patent pending sheath system will lock the knife securely in place until deployed by simply lifting up on the handle until it clicks open. Resheath the knife by inserting the blade and pressing down until it clicks back into place. Once deployed, the hand-tied 550 paracord bracelet forms the knife handle. Each bracelet has an adjustable loop to fine tune the fit and a steel T-post for easy attachment. Two sizes: Medium fits wrists 6-1/4" to 7" and Large fits 7" to 9" wrists.


Outdoor Edge ParaClaw Knife Bracelet – Thin Blue Line - Large



Outdoor Edge ParaClaw Knife Bracelet – Thin Blue Line - Medium

Item #: OE-PC80MBL $19.95
In Stock


Outdoor Edge ParaClaw Knife Bracelet – Thin Blue Line - Large

Item #: OE-PC90LBL $19.95
In Stock

Outdoor Edge

Outdoor Edge offers a full line of high performance cutting tools for all outdoor uses. They combine innovative design with the highest quality materials, state of the art production processes and hand craftsmanship, to create some of the finest knives and hand tools available. All Outdoor Edge products are developed and field-tested under tough outdoor conditions to ensure optimum performance. In fact, we’re fairly impressed with exactly how much field-testing these knives receive. These knives have a very unique style and are easily recognizable. 

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