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SOG Switchplier 2.0

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Faster than a speeding bullet? No not quite! but the SOG® Switchplier provides instant one-handed access to the spring-loaded pliers making it a great choice for any number of jobs, especially when your other hand is occupied. Simply push the button located on the handle and the pliers spring into action. The Switchplier 2.0 also incorporates SOG's patented Compound Leverage which provides increased leverage and minimizes the amount of hard pressure required. This allows you to use the tool for longer periods of time without hand fatigue. To close the pliers, simple push the button and push the plier head back into the handle. Tools include a file, Phillips screwdriver; wire cutter, awl, small and medium screwdriver, a can and bottle opener, ruler and a 2-5/8" drop point combo edge blade of 420 stainless steel. All tools lock into place individually using SOG's piano lock. Ships with a pocket clip to keep it readily available. Made in Taiwan. Suggested retail is $66.95.

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Any time you are considering SOG knives, you are looking at some of the most popular knives made in the late 20th Century. Spencer Frazer has been enormously successful because he is a business man, he insists on quality, and he has come up with some outrageous designs that really pleased a lot of knife people.

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