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Square Shooters Deluxe

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Item #: HEA-SS2000


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The first deck of cards on dice! Easy to learn and fun to play, your luck can change with every roll of the dice. The object of the game is to win the most chips by rolling the correct target hand during each round of play. You get 3 chances to roll the dice to match the hand. The 'shootout' cards can bring you even more luck. Game kit includes 9 dice with 54 playing card faces (includes 2 jokers), 42 target-hand game cards, 100 scorekeeping chips, a dice cup, a score pad and instructions for Square Shooters plus 6 more exciting games. Also includes a deck of playing cards. The dice can be used to play card games from rummy to poker. Great fun for family game night. Ages 8 and up.


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$ 19.95