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The Randall Chronicles

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By Pete Hamilton

Pete Hamilton is recognized in the knife world as "The Randall Man." He was the shop foreman for Randall from 1970 until his retirement in 2000. This book chronicles in color photographs the making of a Randall knife. Also includes several pictures of one of a kind Randall's, Collector's pieces, and early sheaths. Hardcover, 160 pages of color photographs and information. Measures 8-3/4" x 11-1/8". A must have book for any Randall collector.

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Randall Made Knives

For over 75 years, Randall knives have been the best-known handmade knives in the world. No two Randall Made™ knives are exactly alike, for no jigs or patterns are used in their final construction. Large-scale commercial production with this kind of attention to detail is not feasible and that's why knives of this unique quality are not widely available.

Gary Randall, the present owner, took over from his father, W. D. "Bo" Randall, in the mid 1970's and the shop remains so busy that today it takes over five years to get a knife directly from them. We are one of the few authorized Randall dealers, and try to keep a stock of their knives. If we don't have the knife that you want in stock, we can usually have it for you within 6-7 months, because our orders with Randall are booked years in advance. For anyone wanting to order directly from Randall the price will be lower but the wait will be extremely long.

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