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War on Troop Boredom Package

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We'll send a package to someone you know and include a card with your name if you ask.

Over the past two years we have mailed thousands of these packages to units in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have sent them to companies of over 100 men and women, to battalions of over 700 men and women and we have mailed them to Special Forces A Teams of only a handful of men. We continue to ship to these units when we have enough information. What we have not been able to do is ship to individuals because the cost of shipping was just too high. It has occurred to me that there are thousands of you who would jump at the chance to send a package to a son or daughter or the son or daughter of a friend who is serving their country outside the United States.

Each package includes:

  • A paperback book (donated by our customers and friends)
  • Two magazines (donated by the publishers or friends and customers)
  • An A. G. Russell™ knife catalog showing a 25% discount for active military and applies to A. G. Russell™ products only.
  • Shirt pocket copy of the Constitution of the United States and Declaration of Independence (donated by the CATO Institute)
  • A package with several wet wipes (donated by Famous Dave's Barbeque) and several band aids
  • A pair of our Field Tweezers (value $7.95)
  • Postage and packaging to any APO or FPO ($5-$7 cost)

Price includes the Postage. Be sure to include a name and mailing address for each package you purchase. Include this information in the Instruction section of the shopping cart.


This Brand is for Products that do not have a larger brand.

$ 29.95 Low Stock, Call for Availability

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