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Knife Collector's Club Knives

For over thirty-five years, the Knife Collectors Club™ has provided rare and/or unusual knives to people who like fine knives. Established in 1970 by A.G. Russell and Schrade Cutlery, the Knife Collector's Club™ is the oldest continuously functioning collectors' organization in the knife world. Our idea was to provide limited quantity collectible knives to those interested in collecting, but without the disposable funds to buy all the handmade knives they wanted to own. This organization produced the first serial numbered knife and the first limited edition knife - the Kentucky Rifle made by Schrade in 1971. The club has produced many fine knives, all of which have gained in value.

Over the years the club has changed a bit, but the focus from the beginning has been to provide unusual and limited quantity knives. In the seventies, eighties and early nineties, the focus was on producing special limited serial numbered knives at special prices for club members. For the past ten years the focus has been more on finding unusual and special knives from American manufacturers and manufacturers from around the world, often in such small quantities that those who waited a couple of days to order would find the knife completely sold out.

A few of the earlier knives are still available, but quantities are very limited.

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