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Knives with 1095 & Variants High Carbon Non-Stainless Steel

1095 High Carbon Non-Stainless Steel is one of THE TOUGHEST steels available on the market. It works well in fixed blade formats. It is also popular with knife forgers. Simple tool steel with .95 Carbon and little else in the alloy. Makes good springs, knives, tools etc. Much used in old time production knives.

1095 Cro-Van is an easy to sharpen carbon steel used in knife making.  It is superior to standard 1095 steel. Proven to be one of the most popular steels used in KA-BAR knives.
Carbon-0.95-1.1%, Manganese-0.30-0.60%, Chromium-0.40-0.60%, Nickel-0.25%, Vanadium-0.161%, Molybdenum-0.06%. Rockwell 56-58

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