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Description: MacBook Pro Harddrive:Users:CORYM:Pictures:Logos & Extras:Anvil no bg.pngTo most people this means that the information, (both text and images) on this site are the exclusive property of A.G. Russell Knives - Springdale, Arkansas and as such are provided to the World Wide Web community as a public service. You are encouraged to download the pages to your computer with a web browser for your personal viewing. Period. For the majority of viewers that is the end of it. We have a special relationship with our customers and friends that has developed over 50 years of doing business. Honor and trust are the values that have made our company successful. We wish to extend that same relationship to our new Internet friends.

However, for those who need further clarification, copyright law provides certain protections for the materials displayed on this site. In the electronic age we live in, it is all too easy to mistake the free display of information as a license to use the information for purposes other than its intended use. Please do not reproduce any portion of this site or redistribute the pages / images to others in any form. You may not modify, create derivative material or exploit any portion of this web site. To do so may violate U.S. Copyright laws.

A.G. Russell maintains Copyright on all portions of this site, including, but not limited to, all text, drawings and photographic images. All photos, drawings and HTML code featured on this site are the property of A.G. Russell or the artists, photographers and authors who created them (and they are credited). Any exception to these Copyright protections requires the express written consent of A.G. Russell Knives. E-mail if additional information is necessary.

You may use one of the A.G. Russell logos presented here to link our site on your own page if you Contact Us with the address of the page the logo and link will be on. We reserve the right to terminate this use of our logo at any time.