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Knife Encyclopedia


When I first composed this FAQ or The Knife Encyclopedia I filled it with information that I thought was unknown to most people, even those who really liked knives.

Recently I had a customer return a stock knife, He did not want it because the blades were "bent", I was stunned, I did not know that there was anyone who did not know that the cutler crinked the blades of any knife with two or more blades. A crink is a slight bend at the tang that lets you close the blades without them touching. Mr. Walter Gardiner the President of Schrade Cutlery of Ellenville New York was kind enough to send me a "Handbook of Knife Knowledge and Terms" published in the past by Schrade. I have taken from that booklet many common terms from the pocket knife field and added them to the Encyclopedia. I wish to thank Mr. Gardiner and Schrade for their help.

This Encyclopedia is the result of discussions with many friends including Don Cook and Larry Richter, who is a fine artist and who has volunteered to do the drawings that will make this information more helpful. These drawings will help expand the work greatly.

If you find errors, they will be mine and I will appreciate your bringing them to my attention. You will find that this is growing month by month as we add more information and as we find time.

A. G. Russell