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Knives with 12C27 Through 14C28N

Sandvik steels made in Sweden are well known for the purity of its iron within a steel. 

12C27 -Tool steel made in Sweden, Swedish steel has always been a premium steel for tools because the iron ore is very clean, that is to say it has very little Sulphur (S) or Phosphorus (P) in it. 0.6% Carbon (C), 0.35% Manganese (Mn), 14.0% Chromium (Cr), 0.40% Silicon (Si). Typically 57-59 HRC. 

Sandvik 12C27Mod is a martensitic stainless chromium steel developed for the manufacture of kitchen tools with high wear and corrosion resistance properties. After heat treatment the steel grade is characterized by high hardness with very good wear and corrosion resistance. Sandvik 12C27Mod is used mainly for kitchen tools, such as different types of knives and scissors, which need to tolerate dishwashing. Carbon-0.52%, Manganese-0.60%, Chromium-14.50%

Sandvik 14C28N is the latest development in Sandvik's knife steel line up. It is a very fine grain steel. It was originally developed for Kershaw/KAI Cutlery, but has since expanded throughout the knife market. It is capable of higher hardnesses than the previoius 12C27 and Mods. It offers a good combination of corrosion resistance, edge stability, and wear resistance. 14C28N is capable of fineblanking, allowing manufacturers to produce blades in quantity and bring the price down. It is capable of a very fine edge.
0.62% Carbon (C), 14.0% Chromium (Cr), 0.11% Nitrogen (N), 0.20% Silicon (Si), a maximum of 0.025% Phosphorus (P), and a max of 0.010% Sulphur (S). It has a working hardness of 55-62 HRC, but knives typically stay around 57-60 HRC.

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