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420 Series of Stainless Steel

Contains knives made with the many variations of 420 Stainless Steel (420, 420HC, 420J2, etc). 420 is a stainless spring steel much used in inexpensive production knives. Very useful in tantos and other knives. Also should be outstanding for axe heads. If you use this steel you must have an analysis as it can range in Carbon content from 0.15 to 0.6% the balance is 1.0% Manganese and 12-14% Chromium. 420HC is an improved form of 420 that works well with high production tooling; much used by Buck, Gerber, etc. Carbon 0.5-0.7%, Manganese 0.35-0.9%, Chromium 13.5%. 420J2 is stainless steel that has a low carbon and high chromium content making it a shock absorbing steel that bends instead of breaking. 420J2 has excellent resistance to corrosion and moderate edge holding capability. The Rockwell hardness is seen at 54-56. A common use is as liner material for folding knives. It has a low hardness and wear resistance for a cutlery stainless steel but is fairly tough and very corrosion resistant. Carbon-0.15%, Manganese-1.0%, Chromium-12.00-14.00% Rockwell 49-53 Rc.

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