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Knives with Elmax Super Steel

ELMAX is a stainless super steel produced by Uddeholm (now Bohler-Uddeholm). It is a powered steel with high chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum content. It is considered a super steel and is excellent at all the major knife blade properties - edge retention, wear resistance, toughness, and rust resistance.  ELMAX is very comparable to M390. It has a super fine grain structure and Uddeholm says it is a "super clean" steel.It is an expensive steel and will up the price of any blades.
Carbon (C) 1.70%, Chromium (Cr) 18.00%, Manganese (Mn) 0.30%, Molybdenum (Mo) 1.00%, Silicon (Si) 0.80%, Vanadium (V) 3.00%. Typical Rockwell is 58-62 Rc. 

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