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Knives with ZDP-189 Stainless Steel Knives

A stainless powder metal super steel by Hitachi of Japan. It has a huge amount of carbon and Chromium which combined give it ridiculously high levels of hardness (64-66 Rc!). It has superb edge retention, but of course is very difficult to sharpen. The Carbon and the Chromium pairs up, which doesn't leave a lot of surface Chromium available to fight corrosion, it is still stainless but isn't overly resistant compared to something like S30V. It is a very expensive steel, and very difficult to get. We made one of our original Acies in ZDP-189, we have been unable to procure any since. Spyderco and William Henry have also used it on a number of knives.

3.00% Carbon (C), 20.00% Chromium (Cr), Trace amounts of Cobalt, Niobium and Vanadium, 0.5% Manganese (Mn), 1.40% Molybdenum (Mo), 0.4% Silicon (Si), 0.60% Tungsten (W).

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