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Handmade Knives

All of our handmade knives available for sale right now. This will include fully handmade knives as well as Shopmade, or Semi-Production knives. Most handmade knives do not have the precision that a machine puts into a knife, but the knives DO have the care and love of the maker. One Randall knife is invariable slightly different from another Randall knife. They are fully handmade, each maybe a little longer or shorter, thicker or thinner - and such it is with all handmade knives. While many makers can achieve something akin to perfection, many choose not to, as they feel it makes the product a little more unique. These knives are designed and made to be both hardworking tools as well as pieces of art. Whether you choose to use your tool or preserve it's value by not using it is entirely up to you. 



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