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Neck Knives

Neck knives are small, thin, and lightweight fixed blade knife necklaces designed to be easily accessible or hidden. If worn over the shirt, they are very easy to deploy with either hand, which is especially useful if your other hand is occupied. If you are holding something with your right hand, it is a lot easy to grab the neck knife hanging on your chest than it is to reach over to your right hand pocket with your left hand. Well-designed neck knives worn under the shirt are well hidden, and function wonderfully as a last ditch knife for self-defense. Never let your opponent know you have an extra weapon until it is too late for them. One thing to keep in mind is that your want to be certain that the material of your lanyard can never choke you. I prefer a small chain knife that will easily snap under too much pressure. CRKT uses paracord on many of their neck knives, but with a quick release latch that will allow the cord to come undone if pulled too hard. 


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