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Rescue Knives & Tools

Rescue knives are very popular with EMTs, Paramedics, Police, Firemen, and those who just want to be prepared. They also make great knives for Go Bags / survival packs. These knives typically have a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, and some serrations. Some of them have oxygen tank wrenches or other emergency tools. Emergency shears also fall into this category and are very useful tools - often it is best to cut away restraints and clothing to help tend a wounded person than to try and painfully struggle the patient out of them. Some prefer their knives and tools to be discrete, others prefer a bright color like orange so they can easily see their knife if it gets laid down in the dark. We also have a few hatchets and tomahawks designed to gain entry to a building in a hurry so rescuers can get to the wounded quickly. 

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