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Traditional Pocket Knives

These traditional pocket knives are the type of knives your granddaddy used to carry. They are old school folding pocket knives that slip into your pocket. Many of them are slip joints or lockbacks, and many have that classy look with polished bolsters. Popular knife patterns are the three blade Stockman, two blade Trapper, Barlow, Congress knife, two blade Canoe / Baby Butterbean, the three blade Whittler, the Texas Toothpick, the Pen Knife, the two blade Copperhead, the Pruner with Hawkbill blade, the two blade Peanut knife, the Doctor's knife, and the Lockback Folding Hunters. Popular handle materials include Jigged Bone scales, Stag Scales, Smooth Bone Scales, Delrin scales, and hardwood scales. Many knives have multiple blades in them. Popular traditional makers include A.G. Russell Knives, W.R. Case Knives, German Boker Knives out of Solingen, Buck Knives, Browning Knives, Hallmark Robert Klaas Knives, and Cattleman Cutlery

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