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Shop A.G. Russell Damascus Blades

Shop for Damascus blades in the A.G. Russell brand! Damascus has a wavy pattern on the blade which occurs because there are layers of different steel / iron forged together by repeatedly drawing out, folding, or twisting the different materials together while hot. All of our Damascus steel blades are made with fully stainless steel materials making for a stainless steel Damascus blade. Our Damascus blades are either a Swedish Powder-Metal Damasteel or what's called a Rolled Damascus. You can think of Rolled Damascus like a sandwich, there is a homogenous hardened stainless steel center sandwiched between two layers of Damascus steel which are forged together with Roll Forging. The center homogenous steel is harded to a higher Rockwell than the layered Damascus, and is used to form the edge of the blade. Having the edge made of a homogenous material results in a much more reliable quality - the other option being using a Powder Metal which is a much more expensive process (and a more expensive knife). 

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