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A.G. Russell Cardboard Sleeves

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Item #: RUL-SVL12-10


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  • Item #: RUL-SVL12-10 $14.00
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Protection for your knife blades.

We have used these cardboard sleeves for years to protect fixed blade knife blades in many differet situations – packing to ship, protecting kitchen knives that we have just sharpened and many others. We also use them to protect folding knives when they have no zippered case, particularly knives we are listing in The Cutting Edge and When customers see them, they often ask to buy some. We decided to make them available through the catalog and our website. Each measures 12" in length and 2-1⁄2" wide.


A.G. Russell Cardboard Sleeves 10 sleeves

Item #: RUL-SVL12-10 $14.00
In Stock


A.G. Russell Cardboard Sleeves 50 sleeves

Item #: RUL-SVL12-50 $60.00
In Stock


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