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A.G. Russell Shopmade Push Dagger Letter Opener with Green Box Elder

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Item #: SMR-822-GBE


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In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the push dagger was a popular pattern for custom knifemakers, but their popularity faded. In the late 1990s, A.G. began to see some of those handmade knives coming back into the secondary market, which seem to have disappeared into collections. He decided in 2009 that it was time to resurrect a high quality handmade version of this old pattern for its only remaining possible use, as a letter opener. The first was offered with Natural Stabilized (not dyed) Giraffe Bone handle scales. We also made a few each with Ebony, Mammoth Ivory, stabilized Maple Burl, Box Elder Burl and Desert Ironwood. This latest is Box Elder Burl that has been dyed a beautiful green.

These elegant little knives are made in our own shop here in Rogers, Arkansas and are marked "A. G. Russell Shopmade®". The handle scales are held in place by three mosaic pins. The very nice leather Desk Top Sheath is made off-shore to our design. There is not a belt loop or clip on the back of the sheath.

The 3-1/2" double ground blade (sharp on both sides) of 154CM at 57-59 Rc. measures 1-1/16" wide at the widest point. Measures 5-3/4" tip to butt. Weighs 2.6 oz.

  • Type
  • Blade
  • Blade Length
  • Blade Steel
  • Rockwell
  • Handle
    Box Elder Burl
  • Tang
  • Overall Length
  • Weight
    2.6 oz.
  • Sheath
  • Origin

A.G. Russell Shopmade

Our Shopmade® program makes maximum use of our assets. Our knowledge of who can do the best job of waterjet cutting, heat treat, wire electro-discharge machining, and rough grind all allows the greatest productivity from our rarest asset, the time of our expert knifemaker(s). When our shop has done the finish blade grind by hand, put the handles in place, shaped them and sharpened the blade and the knife has gone through our quality control, then we can be sure that you have the very best knife we can provide you for the money you are spending with us.

$ 195.00