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Antique American Switchblades

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By Mark Erickson

Glorified as the weapon of choice among gang members and other tough guys from earlier generations, automatic knives have developed a certain mystique among enthusiasts. Mark B. Erickson succeeds in sharing his enthusiastic appreciation and knowledge of automatic knives-also known as switchblades-with collectors, dealers, historians, and owners, offering a reliable history on how they were developed and profiling the companies that manufactured them.

You will master how to realistically grade and price switchblades and learn inside information on the hobby, including slang and jargon specific to this field. This is a comprehensive reference offering detailed listings, manufacturer/model section, color photographs, detailed descriptions, and accurate prices-with an honest appraisal of more than 250 individual models.

Features accurate pricing based on photos of blade condition. Includes 300 spectacular photos and detailed descriptions for more than 250 models. 160 pages. 10-7/8" x 8-1/4". Softcover.

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