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CRKT Collet Pen

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From the Manufacturer:
Purpose-built for bold ideas. Just a pen? Hardly. The Collet Pen is part writing instrument, part precision scribe multitool. Hidden beneath the back cap is a tungsten carbide tip scribe strong enough to mark most hard materials. It's held in place by a collet chuck that can accept any manner of optional scribe implements.

Of course, it is also a pen—but no ordinary one. Developed for use in harsh environments, the pressurized ink cartridge lets you write just about anywhere—upside down, in the rain, or even in zero-g environments, just in case inspiration strikes while you're inverted at the apex of a parabolic flight maneuver.

Designed by Joe Wu, the Collet Pen shows the power of simple but strong product design. The champagne-silver aluminum body, screw-on cap, and stainless steel clip lend it a sophisticated fit and finish that will look right at home on your desk or in your shirt pocket. It may just be the only pen you need.

Weighs 1.4 oz. Suggested Retail $59.99.

Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT)

CRKT builds serious knives, engineered to perform on the job or in the field, year in and year out. They are practical, purpose driven designs created by some of the most innovative Knifemakers' Guild members and creative designers. The result is that the finest modern knife designs are now available to you for daily use at an affordable price. We are continually impressed with how much quality CRKT can fit into a very reasonable price.

$ 44.95