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Our aftermarket and handmade knives consignment service has been going since 1968. The Cutting Edge offers one of the best and biggest selections of aftermarket and handmade knives in the country. Many collectors use our service to sell some of their knives so they can swap them for other pieces. Many handmade makers use our service as well, to avoid all the hassle of marketing and business so they can focus on what they love best: the artistry of making knives. The Cutting Edge is a great way to find new handmade makers who are just starting out and making a name for themselves. You might discover some hidden, talented artists. Or you might find knives from grand masters of the past; you never know what you might come across.

There are three ways to view these knives: online, through the catalog, or through a PDF of the catalog. The knives on the website are different knives from the ones on the catalog and the PDF of the catalog. The catalog knives will tend to be much higher end, and cannot be viewed online except through the PDF. Subscribers to the catalog will receive their catalog before the newest PDF is put online, giving the subscribers first chance at the new knives.


Cutting Edge Website

We add new knives to the on the Wednesday closest to the 1st of each month and adjust prices down about 10% on the Wednesday nearest the 15th of each month.


The Cutting Edge ® Catalog

The catalog offers full color photos of these beautiful knives. The Cutting Edge prints at least 6 times a year and we mail in January, March, May, July, September and November. An Annual Subscription assures that you will receive all books produced during the following 12 months. It is not yet clear how many books we will print in 2021, but it will be no fewer than 6.

Each book contains between 200 and 250 mostly handmade knives, some from makers who are no longer with us like Buster Warenski, Bob Loveless, G.W. Stone, Cooper Knives and Jimmy Lile, or by current makers such as Randall Knives, Steve Voorhis, Dennis Riley, Keith Murr, Koji Hara, William Henry and many, many others.

To view these knives, you can choose to pay a subscription for the Cutting Edge Catalog or receive a PDF of the catalog in your email (see below).


Email Subscription

If you prefer to receive an e-mail notification of the most recently posted PDF and save a few trees, fill out the form at Just fill out that form and press the submit button. You will receive an e-mail each time we mail a printed book with a link to a downloadable PDF of that book.



Cuttingedge Knife List Printed Book Subscription 1 Year

For addresses within the U.S.

Item #: KL $15.00


Cuttingedge Knife List Printed Book Subscription 1 Year International

For addresses outside the U.S.

Item #: KL-INT $30.00


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