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DMT Extra-Extra Fine Mini Whetstone Sharpener

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Item #: DMT-A4EE


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Extra-Extra Fine Surface

Perfect for small tools such as scissors, pocketknives or fishing hooks. The Patented CeraFuse™ process transforms the surface of aluminum to an extremely hard dense aluminum oxide that has the same properties of solid ceramic materials. With a finer grit than the bonded diamond products, they are unbreakable, wear resistant, light and non-porous.

Buy one for your tackle box, your kitchen drawer and your shop for those quick touch-ups when working. Measures 4-3/8" x 7/8" x 1/8" and weighs only 0.7 oz. Ceramic 8000 grit.


This Brand is for Products that do not have a larger brand.

$ 14.95

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