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DMT Three 6" Diamond Stones in Cherry Wood Box

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DMT's uniquely designed diamond sharpening stones are the finest diamond sharpeners I have ever used. They will hone the hardest material in less time and with less effort than conventional sharpening stones of Novaculite or ceramic. The pattern of round holes increases the cutting action, while clearing fines from the diamond surface. Remains flat, requires only water as a lubricant and is virtually indestructible. We have offered many of their sharpeners, but never the 6" stone. They have produced a short run of three 6" stones, Extra Fine (1200 mesh, 9 micron), Fine (600 mesh, 25 micron), and Coarse (325 mesh, and 45 micron), together in one Cherry Wood box. When I owned a stone cutting business and sold the finest Arkansas sharpening stones to be found, my customers favored a stone in a wooden box. Fitting three diamond stones in a wooden box means all three are together when you are ready to sharpen your knives. The bottom of the box is routed to hold a stone in place while you sharpen. I like to clamp the bottom of the box to my worktable. Box measures 7-3/4" x 7-1/4" x 1-3/8".

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