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Gransfors Bruks Axe Sharpening Stone

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Because of the convex edge on an axe, they are sharpened differently than most knife blades. You want to maintain that rounded edge instead of putting a bevel on it. For that purpose, Gränsfors Bruks has created this Ceramic Grinding Stone. It has two grinding faces: a course side (180 grit) for repairing damage and heavy wear, and a fine side (600 grit) to maintain the edge. Ceramic composite makes the stone both durable and strong. In contrast to natural stone, it can also be created with a more precise grain size. The round shape and flat surface, with a beveled edge to prevent chipping, is perfect for maintaining that convex edge. The protective rubber case also serves as a "handle" for better grip and to protect your fingers. Normally used with water but can be used dry. Measures 2-1⁄4" in diameter. Weighs 3.3 oz. Made in Sweden.

Gransfors Bruk

Gransfors Bruk has a huge power hammer on which some very fine axes are forged. The axes being built today are unlike the hundreds of models made in Sweden 100 years ago. Each model was made exactly alike and ground smooth, polished, painted and labeled. That industry is dead and I think that the huge hammer mentioned above is left over from that time. It is brilliant that Gransfors Bruk has now built a business making axes for hunters, post & beam builders, wood carvers and others who still need fine axes today.





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