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Henckels Magna Bar

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This sleek, compact magnet bar has a matte black finish and stainless-steel accents. It mounts easily on most surfaces, and mounting screws are included. Use it to hold a selection of kitchen cutlery, metal gadgets, or kitchen scissors. As it is large enough to hang five different knives, the magnet bar will come in handy near a kitchen's chopping block or cutting board.

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Henckels Kitchen Knives

Henckels no longer makes locomotives, but they are making the best kitchen knives that they've turned out in the past 50 years. Years ago, a new owner opted for cheap knives in order to cash in on the great reputation that Henckels had built up over the previous 200 years. Newer management has decided that a new policy of highest possible quality would benefit the owners as well as the customers.

These kitchen knives are made using SCT -Sintermetal Technology. The blade, bolster and tang are each formed of the optimum alloy to perform like the "one horse shay". In perfect balance, each alloy performs its job as it should. No more welding blade to forged bolster. Now you get the most modern forged (sintered) bolster knives money can buy. We are proud to be able to offer these fine knives.


$ 29.95

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