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Kershaw Sora Combination Honing Steel

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Item #: KE-VB0790


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From the Manufacturer:

The Sora Combination Honing Steel is used to hone your knives, that is, to gently realign the cutting edge of your Shun cutlery. With each use of your knife, the edge naturally bends over just a tiny bit. The edge is still sharp, but the sharpest part isn't making contact with the food. The answer is honing. It realigns the edge and prolongs the sharpness.

The Sora Combination Honing Steel has two surfaces: a smooth one for everyday honing, and a micro-ribbed one for weekly honing. It has a built-in angle on the handle, which makes it easy to hone your knives to the correct 16° Shun angle.

The rod measures 9"  and has an overall length of 13-5/8". Made in China.

Suggested retail is $44.00.

KAI Cutlery

KAI Cutlery is a powerhouse in Seki City, Japan. Seki, because of the location of iron, has been the center of the production of swords, knives, and other cutting tools for the past 700 years. KAI has been a leader in kitchen and utility knives for over 90 years. They own Kershaw Knives of Portland, Oregon, as well as extensive production facilities in Japan and other parts of the Pacific Rim. The knives we carry from KAI are excellent kitchen knives and they receive excellent reviews from our customers.

$ 39.95