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Knives Annual 2023

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For the last 42 years the Knives Annual could be counted on for informative articles about knives. It always showcases some of the most remarkable custom and factory-manufactured knives. Now in its 43rd year, the Knives 2023 version has more than 900+ full-color photographs of knife creations from across the globe.

It is full of entertaining and informative feature articles, including "History in Knifemaking", "Purpose-Built Sub-Hilts", "Chef's Knives and Cleavers", "Trends in Big, Bad Bowies" and "Engraved Knives for the Collector", as well as the always popular departments. It also includes a directory of knife industry resources and a useful directory of custom knifemakers. The directory is black and white. The images of knives are in color. Softcover. 8-1⁄4" x 10-7/8". 272 pages.


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