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Leather Knife Pouches

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Item #: POU-BL524


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  • Item #: POU-BL524 $16.95
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  • Item #: POU-BL4217 $15.95
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  • Item #: POU-BL3342 $14.95
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Great leather pouches to protect your fine pocketknives. It is a shame to carry a fine William Henry, original Hen & Rooster knife, or a fine handmade knife without protecting it with a classy Morocco type leather pouch. These will lie flat in your pocket and are very elegant.

Option A

Large Pouch

Holds most pocketknives up to 4-3/4".

Item #: POU-BL524 $16.95
In Stock

Option B

Medium Pouch

Holds most pocket knives up to 4-1/4"

Item #: POU-BL4217 $15.95
In Stock

Option C

Small Pouch

Holds most pocketknives up to 3-1/2".

Item #: POU-BL3342 $14.95
In Stock


This Brand is for Products that do not have a larger brand.

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