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Natural Chamois

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We have searched for years for a source of Chamois for our own use, in our store and at knife shows, and for our many customers who have asked where they could get it. We have investigated the source of this leather called Chamois, which originally came from an antelope of that name in the mountains of Switzerland and Austria and to some extent Germany. Today, this is lambskin and much of it comes from Turkey. Really from China then to Turkey. We went to the source, and had them cut pieces to the ideal size and shape for the cleaning of knives. In bundles of three. Each pieces measures 5-1/2" x 5-1/2". Soft and Scratchless.

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A.G. Russell Knives

From the age of nine I made homemade knives until I was about twenty-four when I began to make handmade knives, crude but no longer made at home. A few years later, I had met and learned from makers like R.W. Loveless and R. L. Dozier. I made knives until the mid 1970s. I don’t make handmade knives anymore, as my hands aren’t what they used to be. However, I do have very talented makers in the United States and Japan who make knives that I am proud to put my name on. I design pocketknives, one hand knives, lockbacks, and fixed blade knives and have them made to our standards. ~A.G. Russell III

A.G. Russell has been in the knives and whetstones business for over 50 years. A.G. Russell knives are well known for their quality. A.G. Russell knives tend to be more traditional in style and look, with modern advances in material and design to create excellent knives.

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