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Rust Eraser

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The metal deposits on your ceramic sharpening rods must be removed periodically for best sharpening performance. While kitchen scouring powder will remove most of the build up, this eraser does a better job. It also works beautifully at removing rust and corrosion from tools and outdoor equipment; for polishing edges of snow skis and for cleaning tires and rubber products. It is made with rubber embedded with silicon carbide particles. You could think of it as a fine sandpaper. For this reason, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT FOR REMOVING RUST FROM KNIVES. May cause dullness if used on the edge, or scratch highly polished surfaces. Can be used wet or dry. Single 3-1/2" x 1" x 9/16" eraser.


Rust Eraser

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Item #: RTZ-EB $4.95
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Item #: RTZ-EB-2 $5.95
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