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SOG Compound Leverage Power Lock

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Item #: SOG-S60


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Compound leverage has become a SOG patented trademark for folding tools. It provides increased leverage and therefore minimizes the amount of hard pressure required. This mechanical advantage is known mainly in the trades by people who use their tools everyday. Our friends at SOG have expanded their tool business in a reach for the Max tool.

As is indicated by the name, this tool, the PowerLock®, has added features. All of the tool components are easy to access and lock in the open position with a simple and "easy to use" locking device. The pivoting comfort guards make applying the necessary pressure more comfortable for your hand and enable you to use greater power. Included in the handle is a folding quarter inch drive for sockets, or with an adapter, any hex screwdriver tip. The same handle has a medium flat blade screwdriver, a knife blade with a combined plain and serrated edge, as well as a spring loaded scissor. In the other handle is a real forged Phillips driver, a fine and a wide flat blade screwdriver, a can/bottle opener, a single cut file, a double cut file, and a wood saw. The needle nose pliers include wire cutters and a crimper, all with compound leverage. This remarkable tool comes with a leather pouch. The tool measures 4-3/4" closed and weighs only 9.5 oz. Made in the U.S.A. Suggested retail is $82.95.

  • Type
  • Blade Steel
    Stainless Steel
  • Lock
    Button Lock
  • Handle
    Stainless Steel
  • Closed Length
  • Weight
    9.5 oz
  • Sheath
    Black Leather Pouch
  • Origin

SOG Knives

Any time you are considering SOG knives, you are looking at some of the most popular knives made in the late 20th Century. Spencer Frazer has been enormously successful because he is a business man, he insists on quality, and he has come up with some outrageous designs that really pleased a lot of knife people.

$ 76.95