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SOG Flint Survival Tool

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Item #: SOG-FT1001


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No bigger than a pencil, the Flint carries enough tools to help you survive the night. Small enough to be carried on a lanyard, in a pocket or pack. The Flint has a built-in fire starter, steel wool tinder compartment, carbide-tipped glass breaker and safety whistle.

The overall length is 4-1/4". Weighs 0.8 oz. Made in China. Suggested Retail $21.95.

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    0.8 oz.

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Any time you are considering SOG knives, you are looking at some of the most popular knives made in the late 20th Century. Spencer Frazer has been enormously successful because he is a business man, he insists on quality, and he has come up with some outrageous designs that really pleased a lot of knife people.

$ 19.95