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Nylon Sheaths

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Item #: NYS-109TN


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  • Item #: NYS-109TN $15.00
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These sheaths were produced for the A.G. Russell Sandbox series. There are three different sizes. The A.G. Russell designed Ballistic Nylon sheaths are made with a kydex liner for safety. A pouch on the front will hold a folding knife or a sharpening stone, and it is M.O.L.L.E. compatible.

Option A

Sandbox Dagger Sheath

Will accommodate a knife with a 5-1/2" dagger style blade that measures 1-1/4" wide at the guard.

Item #: NYS-109TN $15.00
In Stock


Sandbox Hunter/Utility Sheath

Will accommodate a 5" blade that measures 1-3/4" wide at the guard.

Item #: NYS-513TN $15.00
In Stock

Option B

Sandbox Bowie Sheath

Will accommodate an 8" blade that measures 2-1/2" wide at the guard.

Item #: NYS-712TN $15.00
In Stock


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