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Stainless Precision Nail Clipper

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Item #: HK-RLC234


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These clippers cut so cleanly my wife tells me she can clip her nails and skip the filing – no snags, no burrs. Developed and produced in Italy, the clipper makes use of the trademarked Ring Lock System® pivot comprised of a stainless steel bearing, an aluminum bearing and a Teflon® ring, pressure fitted together using a special high precision machine used in the watch industry. This creates a "self lubricating", consistent and controlled pivot, guaranteeing a smoother and more precise cut and a longer edge life. A spring holds the clippers closed, protectiing the almost 1/2" cutting edge and simplifying storage. Overall length is 3-3/8". Weighs 1.4 oz.

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Stainless Precision Nail Clipper Large

Item #: HK-RLC234 $24.95
In Stock

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Stainless Precision Nail Clipper Small

Item #: HK-RLC233 $19.95
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